Thursday, June 05, 2008

Returning to Dakota Territory

Over the 52 years of my life I have been fortunate to have traveled over a large portion of the USA. In my youth my family took several long car trips out West to California among others as well as a couple of trips North into Canada and South to Florida. I also have traveled to many other States with past jobs I've had. In the process I figured I had been in about 33 States but had never been to either one of the Dakota's so I guess it is a bit strange that I will have visited both on two separate trips within a three week period. I hadn't really planned it that way but it's funny how things work out.

A couple of years ago the Marathon Princess was perusing the schedule of races at and was shocked to see that there was a Swan Lake Marathon in Viborg SD. Shocked because that is where she was born and raised and her parents still live there. As a teen, she and her friends would go to Swan Lake in the summers to hang out by the lake. When you consider the town has maybe 800 residents and is about 45 minutes from a town of any size and is in the middle of corn country. Last year she was able to go and run the race but I was not able to make the trip but I promised her if at all possible I would go this year to run with her and visit her family. So I made arrangements to take a weeks vacation to run and then head West into the Badlands area for a few days.

Here is a link to the race website.

Last year there were 85 finishers in the marathon and 38 in a half marathon in which Frank ran.
The race cap is 300 but I don't know how many will show up. The course has been certified and is a Boston Qualifier. I have no plans for that though. Karla and I will run together and just hope to get finished in good shape. Neither one of us has been running well lately. Perhaps I'll post more on that subject when I get home.

I'll try to post the results from SD if I can and I should have a lot of photos form the race as well as some scenes from the Black Hills when I return. Stay tuned.

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