Sunday, August 21, 2016

Time for a little training update w/e 8-21-16

 Well, it has been 5 weeks since my last update and three weeks since my mile race report so here is a little update on what is going on.

 It's hot and muggy, thats what. Ok it is summer in NC. This year I am really happy that there is no pressure to run a lot of miles so I'm not beating myself up just to see big weekly numbers. As it gets a bit cooler and less humid I have plenty of time to ramp up the mileage for Fall and Winter racing plans.

 After the mile race last month I have'nt done anymore speedwork. I felt it was time to take a break after 8 weeks in a row of alternating a week of speed and a mile race. I am learning something new !

 So most of the running has been at a slow, easy pace but I have tried to add some more hills into the mix and less greenway to get ready for The Virginia 10 miler and its brutally hilly course next month.

 The past 5 weeks have been 16, 13, 25, 24 and 13 miles, way off my normal but I'm not sweating it. Just when I'm out in it !

 Otherwise during that time period I have been to 21 yoga classes, yeah 4 times a week ! I've only made it to the gym only 4 times for weights but I've done 27 other workouts of tibetans, body weight, core and boxing stuff so I'm feeling fit, strong and healthy.

 Speaking of healthy I finally got a physical a few weeks ago and the report is I'm heathier than the majority of people half my age so something is working !

 Stay tuned for more exciting news soon. I'm looking forward to getting in more mileage soon and I have my last mile race, this one on the roads again in just 3 weeks. Can't wait !