Sunday, February 21, 2016

I'm liking the trend. Training report w/e 2-21-16

 Yes, I am liking the way things are going but a bit disappointed too. I am very happy with how well the legs and hips are holding up. I'm still not 100% but it is so nice to be able to start running and not be in pain.  What's disappointing is to look back and see how well I was running a year ago and knowing that I am probably 2 months away from being in near that kind of shape again. But it is where I am at and nothing to do but look forward and give it the best I can as always.

 I started off the week with an 11 hour work day and no run but I did get in a body weight workout immediately upon arriving home.

 On tuesday I had a Bikram yoga class and then in the afternoon on a perfect day for a run I did a 6 miler and felt better than I could have hoped. No pain and the best pace since the return to running.

 Wednesday was another long work day but I got in 4 easy  ith some strides early before work and then stopped at the gym for weights on the way home.

 Thursday was another good day starting with Bikram and then a strong 8 miles on a hilly windy course.

 Friday was another morning Bikram class and a late afternoon easy 4.

 Saturday was my long run day. Got in 12 miles, the most since the return. The pace was good with a negative split but I never felt all that good. Did a core workout at home in the evening just because.

 On sunday I did an easy 3 mile recovery run and then headed straight to Bikram Yoga.

 So there you have it. Bumped the mileage up a little more to 37 for the week. Including longest so far, fastest average so far since the return and some strides to get ready for resuming some speedwork soon.
 A body weight, free weights and 4 bikram yoga classes totalling 6 hours. Continuing to learn to enjoy these and the progress being made. I'm really happy that Laura finaly persuaded me to do these classes. This completes 6 week since I began doing them.

 See you next week I hope !

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Now we're getting somewhere ! Training report w/e 2-14-16

 I must say after this week I am finally getting a little confidence back. I was really worried with how hard it seemed to start back running yet again 3 weeks ago. This week has been oh so much better. The legs and hips and glutes are doing a lot better and feeling solid and trustworthy again and I'm seeing some nice improvement in the fitness.

 I started of with week with, tada ! No running

 ON Tuesday I made it to the greenway on a very windy afternoon for a solid 6 miler.

 Went back Wednesday afternoon for another 6 miles in the opposite direction with more stiff winds. I felt great and for the first time since the comeback I averaged under 9mp at about my normal easy pace !

 Thursday was another day off from running.

 Friday although I wasn't quite sure I was ready for it I headed over to the tough hills at the Art Museum. It was tough but I had a pretty good effort and seemed to get stronger near the end of the 5 mile run.

 On Saturday I was hoping to get in at least 8 and maybe even 10 miles. A very cold morning and more stiff winds but I felt strong and made it the whole 10 with the last mile my fastest into the wind ! And best of all and very surprising to me was the average was just under 9mp.

 Sunday was a really cold day, around 22F when I decided to run which was after my Bikram yoga workout. I didn't exactly plan it that way and was just about to run early when I got the message that we were doing the 8:30 yoga class. I had 10 minutes to jump up, change and grab all I needed to carry with me for the day !

 So after the class I had to decide when and where to run. I decided since I was driving right by it to run in Umstead. hmm, not sure how  smart  of choice that would be  with just an hour rest and dehydrated from sweating out 5 lbs in the hot room. Well again it turned out well. I felt pretty good and had a nice run with another strong finish.

 So, a great week with 32 miles, all feeling good and quality pace.

 4 classes of 90 Minutes in Bikram Hot yoga. Seeing some improvement here too. Some big steps in some poses and a little more flexibility in some areas makes it exciting and worthwhile.

 And I was able to get in a good body weight workout and another weight session at the gym.

 Stay tuned and look forward to another exciting week of training with the runner formerly known as Ultraman !

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Another step forward, training week ending 2-7-16

 Another bit of progress with the return to training the past week.  I was able to run on 5 days, mostly just easy stuff. Overall I still don't quite feel myself but a couple of the runs things felt like they were beginning to click a litle bit and I was able to stretch out a little the last mile of those two. I got in a 6 miler on Saturday, the longest since returning last week .

 In addition I was able to make it to 4 more Bikram yoga classes. I am seeing some progress in some of the poses and a little more flexibility in places. I am learning to embrace the new challenges !

 I haven't gotten completely away from the other cross training but the yoga certainly takes up a lot of time and energy. I did get in one core workout, one body weight session and one trip to the gym for weights. Funny thing is that I felt stronger with the weights than I have in awhile soi I guess cutting back a little has helped in some way.

 I really hope to continue to build the mileage a little more in the coming week so stay tuned and wish me luck !

Monday, February 01, 2016

Running again ! training update w/e 1-31-16

 Yes sports fans, I went out for a test run on Monday morning. ended up going 3 miles and everything held up ok.  It did feel a little awkward running again and it was slow but if I can stay healthy that will change quickly I am sure. Over the course of the week I got in 5 runs for a total of 19 miles and each one was a little better. It was a strange weather week too. that first run was at 30F and there was still some ice around from the weekend storm. And the final run on late Sunday afternoon was 66F !

 In addition to the running I got in another 4 Bikram yoga workouts and one weight workout at the gym. 

 Looking ahead I plan just more easy miles in the next week or too before I try to increase too much or worry about the pace but stay tuned and maybe soon you can see something exciting !