Sunday, February 21, 2016

I'm liking the trend. Training report w/e 2-21-16

 Yes, I am liking the way things are going but a bit disappointed too. I am very happy with how well the legs and hips are holding up. I'm still not 100% but it is so nice to be able to start running and not be in pain.  What's disappointing is to look back and see how well I was running a year ago and knowing that I am probably 2 months away from being in near that kind of shape again. But it is where I am at and nothing to do but look forward and give it the best I can as always.

 I started off the week with an 11 hour work day and no run but I did get in a body weight workout immediately upon arriving home.

 On tuesday I had a Bikram yoga class and then in the afternoon on a perfect day for a run I did a 6 miler and felt better than I could have hoped. No pain and the best pace since the return to running.

 Wednesday was another long work day but I got in 4 easy  ith some strides early before work and then stopped at the gym for weights on the way home.

 Thursday was another good day starting with Bikram and then a strong 8 miles on a hilly windy course.

 Friday was another morning Bikram class and a late afternoon easy 4.

 Saturday was my long run day. Got in 12 miles, the most since the return. The pace was good with a negative split but I never felt all that good. Did a core workout at home in the evening just because.

 On sunday I did an easy 3 mile recovery run and then headed straight to Bikram Yoga.

 So there you have it. Bumped the mileage up a little more to 37 for the week. Including longest so far, fastest average so far since the return and some strides to get ready for resuming some speedwork soon.
 A body weight, free weights and 4 bikram yoga classes totalling 6 hours. Continuing to learn to enjoy these and the progress being made. I'm really happy that Laura finaly persuaded me to do these classes. This completes 6 week since I began doing them.

 See you next week I hope !

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