Monday, February 01, 2016

Running again ! training update w/e 1-31-16

 Yes sports fans, I went out for a test run on Monday morning. ended up going 3 miles and everything held up ok.  It did feel a little awkward running again and it was slow but if I can stay healthy that will change quickly I am sure. Over the course of the week I got in 5 runs for a total of 19 miles and each one was a little better. It was a strange weather week too. that first run was at 30F and there was still some ice around from the weekend storm. And the final run on late Sunday afternoon was 66F !

 In addition to the running I got in another 4 Bikram yoga workouts and one weight workout at the gym. 

 Looking ahead I plan just more easy miles in the next week or too before I try to increase too much or worry about the pace but stay tuned and maybe soon you can see something exciting !

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