Sunday, February 14, 2016

Now we're getting somewhere ! Training report w/e 2-14-16

 I must say after this week I am finally getting a little confidence back. I was really worried with how hard it seemed to start back running yet again 3 weeks ago. This week has been oh so much better. The legs and hips and glutes are doing a lot better and feeling solid and trustworthy again and I'm seeing some nice improvement in the fitness.

 I started of with week with, tada ! No running

 ON Tuesday I made it to the greenway on a very windy afternoon for a solid 6 miler.

 Went back Wednesday afternoon for another 6 miles in the opposite direction with more stiff winds. I felt great and for the first time since the comeback I averaged under 9mp at about my normal easy pace !

 Thursday was another day off from running.

 Friday although I wasn't quite sure I was ready for it I headed over to the tough hills at the Art Museum. It was tough but I had a pretty good effort and seemed to get stronger near the end of the 5 mile run.

 On Saturday I was hoping to get in at least 8 and maybe even 10 miles. A very cold morning and more stiff winds but I felt strong and made it the whole 10 with the last mile my fastest into the wind ! And best of all and very surprising to me was the average was just under 9mp.

 Sunday was a really cold day, around 22F when I decided to run which was after my Bikram yoga workout. I didn't exactly plan it that way and was just about to run early when I got the message that we were doing the 8:30 yoga class. I had 10 minutes to jump up, change and grab all I needed to carry with me for the day !

 So after the class I had to decide when and where to run. I decided since I was driving right by it to run in Umstead. hmm, not sure how  smart  of choice that would be  with just an hour rest and dehydrated from sweating out 5 lbs in the hot room. Well again it turned out well. I felt pretty good and had a nice run with another strong finish.

 So, a great week with 32 miles, all feeling good and quality pace.

 4 classes of 90 Minutes in Bikram Hot yoga. Seeing some improvement here too. Some big steps in some poses and a little more flexibility in some areas makes it exciting and worthwhile.

 And I was able to get in a good body weight workout and another weight session at the gym.

 Stay tuned and look forward to another exciting week of training with the runner formerly known as Ultraman !

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