Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Training update 6-23-15

  It has been awhile since I posted a training update or much of anything and there is a good reason for that. I haven't had any training to update.

 Everything was going well and I was in awesome shape and just getting into preparations for the 100miler this month when the hamstring and glute on ny right side decided it was done. Strange thing is that it is the opposite leg from last years injury.

  Sadly it seems that although the running had something to do with it , the main cause was a series of incidents going back to February that set it in motion but on April 29th on an easy 5 miler which I should have skipped the final nail in the coffin was hammered in. Apparently some tearing in the upper hamstring atttachment area and  possibly the lower glute.

  I have been getting regular massage and physical therapy to workon correctiong some imbalances and posture issues but there is not much they could do other than that. It is just a matter of time and healing.  I went for a few short test runs, definitely too early and each time it seemed I was right back to the beginning so I have just been trying to be very careful and  trying to put as little stress as possible on the area. The god news is that I finally feel like progress has been made.

 Of course I have continued with my normal routine of working out everyday rotating with core and either weights at the gym or body weight stuff at home. due to the nature of the injury though I was unable to do any stair climbing or ellipitical because everytine i tried although at the time I was doing I felt no pain, afterwards the area will be angry and inflammed and cycling killed the butt ! So no cardio.

 I hope to have some good news soon.