Friday, June 27, 2008

recovery update

I'm happy to report that I am seeing some improvement in my condition over the last two weeks. I have been very good about sticking with the treatments and workouts that are suppose to aid in my recovery. The chiropractic visits seem to be working in bringing things back into alignment. I had another session with the massage masochist this week and it didn't hurt nearly as much as last week and the muscles are much less tight and knotted. I've been in the pool working on my swimming regularly and sticking with the weights on schedule too. I've been riding the exercycle in the gym a few times and finally went for a 10 mile ride on my real bike for the first time in three years last Saturday morning. The biking and swimming don't seem to aggravate the painful areas and the cross-training will be good for me so I will continue to do them now as part of my regular training.

I have only run 3 miles since the Boogie. That was last Thursday night when I went to the NCRC Social Series at Lake Johnson. I waited for Jenn to show up late from work and we ran an easy 3 miles around the lake. There was a little discomfort but not bad and I was fine afterwards. Probably shouldn't have run but I wanted to run with her since it had been a long time since we'd had the chance to run together.

I've got an important post I'll be writing in the next week or so but first I have to catch up on a few things I don have some free time tonight and this weekend so hopefully I can get caught up here. Look for what's coming up this weekend and I'll also try and post my South Dakota travelogue and photos from the rest of the trip after I left Viborg and the Swan Lake Marathon.

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