Friday, June 13, 2008

Preparing to Boogie

Yes , Boogie time is finally upon us. Last year I decided not to run with my western states trip looming so I just volunteered. That was fun as usual but I have been looking forward to returning to run it this year. Not too long ago I was planning to go for a 50 mile PR attmept and was confident that I would be able to accomplish that goal. But recently I have been having doubts and have just about decided not to even run it. I have really been struggling with my running for several months now and with the pain and sub-par performances my training as well as my motivation have been lacking.

I decided to wait and make my decision until after the marathon last Sunday and see how that went and how I would feel this week. Although the pace was slow, I defintely felt better than I have in a while and I think maybe the injury issue is finally getting better. I had two nice easy runs on my trip out to western SD this past week and felt ok so I now plan to go ahead with the Boogie. I've already written a couple of reports on the Boogie as well as written and recorded a song so I won't repeat the race info here now. Go to the archives in June for years past if you're interested in that. Of course you can find the race website at the link for the Mangum Track Club in the sidebar fo the blog too.

I am suppose to run the Race for the Cure 5k in the morning and hopefully take a nap before driving to Ellerbebut that plan isn't looking too good right now. I should be home but thunderstorms in Cleveland have delayed my flights and I'm still waiting for a plane to carry me home. It's looking like it will be after midnight befpore I land in RDU and well after 1 am before I can get home so I will probably be sleeping in and not attempt to wake up at 5am. I hate to miss it and run with Karla. The race has had special meaning the past couple of years and I was looking forward to being there and running in pink with her again. I guess I'll be wearing pink at the Boogie in her honor instead.

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