Saturday, June 20, 2009

Final Preparations

A much nicer day here in CDA, sunny and cool in the upper 60's. I spent most of the morning goofing off in my room resting and preparing my gear bags. Finally after lunch I headed down to the lakeside to get my bike ready and set up for the transitions. They require you to have all that done the day before the race so I headed over to the Inside Out Sports tent first to pick up my bike. I got everything set up on hope I didn't forget anything.

Then I went for another easy 4 mile run but this time on The Centennial Trail, a converted rail-trail that runs from CDA to the Washington Border. The trail continues from there into Washington all the way to Spokane and then further west for a total of 60 miles for now. I was running along between the Spokane River on one side and railroas track on the other.

The area that the CDA city park area is built and the rail trail is on land that was previously the location for lumber mills and train yards to carry out the forest products. And for those curious, Coeur d'Alene means "heart of an awl" The early French Explorers gave the name to the local Native Americans because they thought they were very sharp traders.

Soon I will be off to bed. If you are interested in tracking my progress in the race go to and you will see the link for athlete tracker. I'm number 1865.

No pictures for now but more to come soon.


Rick Gray said...

Joey, Congratulations on a great finish! Rick

R Anderson said...

Congratulations, Son.
Your Mother and I are
very proud of you. We
knew you could do it.
Your Dad