Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moonlight Boogie Video

I have just posted a video I put together of photos taken by Laura MacLean, Frank Werner and myself at the Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie races The song is one I wrote and recorded a couple of years ago for the race when I went down to run the 50 miler. Many of you may have heard the song before from one of my cd's or downloaded it from the NCRC website.

I recorded it using the recorder built into my digitech gnx4 guitar processor. I played my Fender Stratocaster through a 50 watt Crate amplifier. I also played an Ibanez Bass guitar thrugh the same set-up. The drums are a drum machine that is built into the recorder. It limits what you can do with the drums but it's ok. It was a lot of fun writing and recording and I hope you enjoy it in the spirit of fun that I had doing it.

I'll be returning to the Boogie as a spectator this year and if I can get some better quaility photos I may redo the video a little. It was the first time I had ever used the video program and I was in a hurry so I think I can improve it a little. Stay tuned

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