Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dunn -Erwin Rail Trail

Hey guys and girls,
If you ever find yourself in or close to Harnett County and are looking for a place to run, here is one that might interest you.
It's called the Dunn-Erwin Rail Rail. I first heard of it several years ago but today I finally had a chance to check it out due to having to service a store in Dunn this afternoon. I parked at the Dunn Primary School and planned to do about 6 miles. I was feeling good so I decided to go ahead and run the whole trail. It is a converted rail trail so it is nearly perfectly flat. The surface is crushed granite screening, just like the bridle trails at Umstead and the ATT. If you are picky about the distance you run, this is the trail for you. They have a concrete marker imbeded in the trail every 1/10th mile. It is marked counting down from Dunn in one direction and from Erwin in the other direction.
The length of the trail is 5 miles for a total of 10 out and back. As you leave the outskirts of Dunn , you pass through some farmland and residential area and then into a wooded area and some wetlands. There are several small bridges over little creeks. I was running about 3 this afternoon and was still able to be in the shade nearly half the run. The Erwin terminus of the trail is right in old downtown Erwin and the last 1/10th is on a concrete and brick sidewalk. There are about 12 lightly traveled road crossings, mostly in the first half so you have to be careful. It crosses under the highway overpass of 55/421about 8/10ths from Erwin.
There is no water on the course so plan to carry. Another option would be to carry a couple of bucks. The turnaround in Erwin is directly across the street from MacPhails Pharmacy or one block around the corner are two convenience stores. Unfortunately I came unprepared and did the entire 10 miles in the 84 degree temps dry. Jenn said I must be related to a camel on one of our two -plus hour runs in Umstead one time but that was on a cool day. I was getting a bit thirsty toward the end today
The trail is conveniently located about two miles from I-95. Just take exit 73 and go west toward Dunn. Turn right on Orange Street and it's just 3 or four blocks to the school. You can find more info on this and many other trails at www.railtrails.org

For a little history on the railroad that used to be here, go here

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