Sunday, January 25, 2015

Training update Week Ending 1-25-15

 Ok, it's time for another boring blogpost.

 Well, I must say I am quite happy with the way things are progressing after just completing another great week. My total for the week was 60.5 miles which is the most training miles in a week since last January  ! I am hoping that continued good health and weather will allow me to keep things close to this level for awhile now although I  will probably have a cut down week in a few just before the final push for Wrightsville Beach. So here is how it happened.

 Monday 1-19. This was a great start to the week with a 4 x 2 mile at marathon pace with 1/2 mile recoveries. Actual pace was 8:00 so it was faster than my marathon pr. Total 11 miles for the workout.

 Tuesday 1-20. I was feeling the effects of  3 of the previous 4 days of hard or long workouts so this was an easy 6.

 Wednesday 1-21.  This was another easy 6 but I was feeling a whole lot better than expected  and the pace was a lot better than the day before.

Thursday 1-22. Thought about some Umstead hills but I had a hard workout planned with Laura for Friday so resisted and did another easy 6. First 3 slow and then progressively faster coming back.

 Friday 1-23. Another awesome , hard but fun workout chasing Laura.  8 x 3 minutes at 5k race pace with just 1 minute recoveries. As usual with her, my warmup and cooldown were at or faster than marathon race pace, and the 4 middle miles even with the recoveries were at tempo pace ! Get strong or die !!

 Saturday 1-24.  Easy 6 from home. I was feeling the hard Friday run but still a good pace and a negative split.

 Sunday 1-25. Finished up the week with a strong long run. The greenway  had a lot of tricky sections with black ice from the previous days rain freezin over nite. Plan was to go easy for the first 10 and then hopefully do a progression run the last 8. The ice slowed me a bit on the first 12 but by then the ice was melted in most places  and the workout went even better than expected with the last 4 at marathon pace and faster.

 So another great week and of course I am still doing as much cross-training as I can.  A total of 6 core workouts including double on Wednesday. 2 weight workouts at the gym and one body weight day at home.

 thats it for now and hopefully I can post another good report for you next week.


Jen R. said...

60+ miles- awesome! I'm getting close to that, but won't actually hit it in my training. My legs are feeling those miles, too. Good luck at Wrightsville Beach!

The Fan said...

Thats National Class stuff right there!

runjoey said...

Thanks both of you. I am working hard and it's paying off and a lot of fun in the process