Sunday, January 04, 2015

Training update week ending 1-4-15

 Things are continuing to go  well with the training with the overall focus still on getting a fast marathon time in March.

 Monday I got the week started off great with 11 miles. I  added another mile to the marathon pace stuff that I had done the previous weeks with 2- 3 -2 mile repeats at a bit fastter than goal pace with one mile recoveries.

 Tuesday I decided to take a rest day for the first time in 3 weeks. I did go to the gym for weights and then got a massage at Stiner Massage in the afternoon.

 Wednesday I got in a good 10 mile  hill run from the  Art Museum into Umstead  taking the Turkey Creek option.  Felt ok and had a good pace.

 Thursday was  5 easy miles to start the new year on a late beautiful afternoon. Great pace for the easy miles and very consistent pace too.

 Friday and it was time to run with Laura again. I let her pick the workout. Warmed up two miles which were averaging faster than my marathon pr pace ! Then 5 x 4 minutes with 2 minute recoveries. Planned on 7:15 pace but first was about 7:08 and they just got faster. Last one included a hill and it was the fastest. Boy Howdy it was hard and hurt but very satisfying. We were joined this week by Bill Parquet. Oh and the cool down was ridiculous fast with the last quarter back at tempo pace ! Total was 7 miles at 7:42 average.

 Saturday I just put in an easy 6 at home.

 Sunday was 10 miles on a freakishly warm and humid day for January. Almost 70 F with 100% humidity. Just not used to to those conditions  so it was a bit miserable. Pace was about the same as usual for a long run but I was dying the last few miles.

 So despite the day off I still ended up with 49 miles for the week. I also got in 4 core adn glute workouts, 2 wegihts sessions and one body weight day !

 Gonna cut back a little this week and no fun Friday with Laura since i am racing next weekend. Stay tuned for that !

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