Sunday, January 18, 2015

Training update week ending 01-18-15

It's been two weeks since the last update so lets see what I have been up to lately.

 Mon. 1-5. I was short on time but made the most of it with 5 miles including 4 at tempo pace.

 Tuesday I was able to get in a strong 10 miler.

 Wednesday was an easy 5 and the beginning of my "mini taper" for the race coming up on Saturday.

 Thursday was another easy 4.

 Friday I hoped for an easy 3 or 4 but later at work and then the long drive to North Myrtle Beach so I just rested.

 Saturday was the Ocean Isle Beach  Bridge Run for Food Half Marathon. You can  read the report on the blog if you want to know more but I ran slower than hoped on a very windy day. 1:45:17 and still won my age group so a good day and an idea on how the training is going.

 Sunday I just did an easy 3 mile recovery run at home.

 Weekly total was 40

 During that week I did 5 core and or glute workouts, one body weight day and one weights at the gym for a pretty solid week including a race. Normally i would have backed off more but this was just a test and a part of the training.

 Monday 1-12. I just got in another easy 5 but felt pretty good.

 Tuesday I headed over to Umstead. Wanted easy but wanted some time in my park. Tried to keep the effort easy most of the way snce I am recovering but had a good pace and felt ok on the hills

 Wednesday was a long workday after doing some family duty all morning but i wanted my run fix so I squeezed in 4 easy around Lake Lynn before dark and then back to work.

 Thursday I was still in recovery mode and got in an easy 5 from shelley lake to the mall.
Had a nice massage from Stiner in the morning getting th kinks out from the race.

 Friday was the return to marathon training and my favorite day, getting pushed by Laura The Honey Badger. this week she had cooked up a 6 mile descending tempo run bracketed with 1 mile warmup and cooldowns. Ice on the greenway and bridges made it a lot harder than it would have been but we still pretty much nailed the workout. First 3 were dead on or a couple of seconds fast. A few seconds slow on the last 3 but still each was faster and under the conditions I was thrilled with that although I was about to die on that last 1.5 miles. If she wasn't pulling me I know I would have backed off and bailed on the last one for sure.

 Saturday I had planned on taking it easy but the forecast was for rain on Sunday so I wanted to get in my long run. Wasn't sure how it would go on tight sore legs from the killer friday workout but it ended up going much better than expected. Ran faster than I thought and was nice and steady for 10 and then picked up the pace by about 20 seconds over the last 6 with the lastest fastest !

 Sunday I waited until the rain passed and got in an easy 3 recovery run.

 Total was 47 miles for the week.

And as always back to normal with the cross training with 3 core and glutes, 2 weights at the gym and a body weight day challenge.

 So a solid two weeks and eager to continue with the hard training for the marathon coming up in 9 weeks !

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