Sunday, February 01, 2015

Another exciting week as the journey continues. Training update week ending 2-1-2015

I can't say enough how exciting it is to have my training going so well right now. I would have never believed that after barely being able to run just 4 months ago that I have not only fully recovered the fitness I had before but I am doing workouts better than I was a couple of years ago and even going back to 2005-2006. But then that has been my goal ! So lets see what has me so excited !

 Monday Jan. 26
 This was an easy 6 the day after my long run but I had a lot of zip and was already doing a progression when I had a chance meeting with Laura out doing a time trial. She ran the last half mile with me and of course it was close to my tempo pace !

 Tuesday Jan. 27
    Ok, this was just awesome. 2 year ago while training with Amy to prepare for Tobacco Road Marathon we did a 3 x 3 mile at marathon pace workout which we stretched out to a half marathon and she set what was then a pr. I decided it was time to try it again and nailed it ! All the sets were faster than 2 years ago  and faster than my marathon pr pace. The whole workout was 2 mnutes faster in 1:47:56 ! A real confidence boost.

 Wednesday Jan 28
  Short on time but it was an easy day anyway. did 5 miles and had a lot of zip even after the tough run yesterday !

 Thursday Jan. 29
Another easy day and I forced easy this time because a hard one is coming up Friday !

 Friday Jan. 30

 Yay, another fun Friday with Laura! Todays pain was a planned 3 x 2 miles at tempo pace with just 1/4 mile recovery. Nailed it !  Averaged 7:30 pace even with slipping on icy bridges and a 15mph gusting wind in the last few miles. As always she was great in bringing out more effort out of me than I would have given on my own. Total 8.5 miles and even with recoveries , warmup and cooldown the average pace was 7:51 !

 Saturday Jan. 31
  Finishing up the month with an easy 6 on the gentle rolling hills at home. Decent pace but i could surely feel the hard run from Friday.

 Sunday Feb. 1

 Finished up the week with a strong 20. Was hoping to have a good one in me. I made a last second decsion as i was walking to the trailhead to do the same workout Laura was going for but at my paces of course ! 10 miles at 40 seconds slower than marathon BQ pace then 3 x 2 miles at BQ pace. I was happy to have some zip and had no trouble bumping up the pace and was faster than needed on the repeats !

 So, there it is. Finished up the week with 64.6 miles, the best week so far since the injury. And lets not forget the cross training. 6 core workouts and 2 weight sessions at the gym. Today was suppose to be a body weight day but I decided I could just rest after the long hard run.

 Stay tuned. I am looking forward to another strong week but maybe a few less miles. 

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