Monday, August 03, 2015

A training update 8-3-15. Finally !

 After re-injuring the not healed injury at Western States. I promised myself I would not even try to run again until I had several days of no pain doing normal everyday stuff.

 Over the weeks I kept up with the core, body weights and free weights on a regular basis but otherwise tried to be very careful not to do anything to aggravate the  injured area which is kind of hard with a hamstring/glute issue.

 I was surprised how quickly the trauma I inflicted on it at WS startd feeling better but then it became frustrating. I would have a day or two of hardly any pain at all and then it would seem to be just as bad as before. This  pattern would repeat for the next 3 weeks but each time I had a few good days it would hurt again but I did feel like it was feeling a lot better on the good days and not as bad on the bad days.

 So after exactly 4 weeks  and a few good days I decided it was time for a test on Sunday July 26th. I began by walking 1/2 mile and then alternating one minute of running and one minute of walking. I was prepared to bail and walk home at the first sign of pain but I was thrilled to complete 2 miles with no pain at all.

 On Monday I went for a 2 mile walk and then Tuesday I went back out this time walking 1/4 mile and then alternating 2 minute run with one minute of walking. Again no pain !

 Wednesday I took another 2 mile walk and then Thursday I walked another 1/4 mile and then 3 minutes of running and one minute walking for 3 miles ! Another 2 mile walk on Friday.

 On Saturday I eliminated the walk at the start and then did 4 minutes of running with one of walking for a total of 4 miles ! I was so happy to go that far and be pain free !

 That night Laura messaged me and asked if I was going to run again on Sunday. I had planned to walk again but it depended on how I felt in the morning.

 Well, I had a good night and woke up feeling good so I decided to give it a real test. Back to back runs and this time no walk breaks. Success ! 3 miles non stop and pain free. The hip felt more stable than it had since before the injury started back in April ! And the pace was decent with the last mile at my pre injury easy run pace.

 So, I am so happy to be able to get back to running some but I am going to take my time building back up to normal. I really don't want to take another step back. I love this stuff too much and really don't want to ruin a chance for some strong running in the Fall so today I just walked again.

 Stay tuned and hope for more good news soon.

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