Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trust in the Light

 I've written a little bit of fiction but this is a true story.


   Life was good for the runner. Each day on the roads and trails brought joy to him as he confidently moved along, bathed in the light that surrounded him like a halo. All around were hundreds of  stars, some a bit brighter than others, but there were a special few that shone with a magnificent glow, surrounding him in their warmth and brilliance. Such was the comfort that the light brought to him that even in the darkest of night the light was like a full summer moon casting shadows on every step reminding him that he was never alone.

   Then on a day that seemed like any other, without warning one of the lights suddenly  vanished and his world in an instant had become much dimmer. The runner was stunned, not able to comprehend what had just happened and then just as quickly another , then another and yet another one flickered and was gone.  He stopped dead in his tracks asking himself why? What could have caused this to happen? This can't be real ! I must be in a dream, no a nightmare. With the disappearance of the light , his world seemed to be turning to twilight. He turned to the remaining bits of light as if to ask for help in understanding but they too began to fade, then recede and in a moment they were gone. All that was left were the many tiny stars that seemed so far away with the exception of one that stood out a bit brighter.

  Barely able to see now in the near total darkness, in desperation he turned and tried to find his way back from the direction he had come.  For hours it seemed he stumbled along searching for some faint glow that may lead him back to where the light may have gone but there was not a glimmer to be seen.  Near panic came over him and several times he fell as he searched in vain until at last he collapsed in a heep as despair and the darkness crept over him. Cold , alone, confused and feeling that  all hope was lost he tried to make sense of it all. But there were no answers, just silence as  dead as the darkness around him. Inside he felt like the black pitch of the deepest cavern, a place that sadly he had been before but had trusted would never enter again. But now his thoughts had turned even darker if that was possible.

 And then, he noticed there was  a faint glow coming from behind him. He turned to face it as it came nearer and began to gain in brightness and in an instant  he recognized it as the bright star that he had always enjoyed watching from a distance as it streaked across the sky. Ever closer it came until it shone so brilliantly that he was nearly blinded and like a fire it began to warm him. A voice came seemingly from the light  directly to his heart and simply said, "I believe in you". Slowly he stood, still feeling a bit confused. He turned back once again to the direction from which  he had come and all he could see was total darkness, blacker than coal and it sent a chill down his spine.  Then turning once again to the light, it was as if the star had read his mind as it softly said "trust me".  And he looked around and there was a new  path opening up before him full of hope and promise. He had no idea where it would lead him but he began to run, slowly at first but soon with confidence he began to push the pace and joy filled his heart. He would trust inthe light.

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