Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Whats up for the 2nd half of the year?

 As I was writing the plans for 2015 in my annual early January post, for the first time in many years I had no idea what I wanted to plan for myself after Western States for the remainder of the year. Well of course I was going to plan on returning for my 12 Derby 50k but beyond that I just didn't know. So many options but nothing speaking to my heart.

   Some options were to return to Mountain Masochist. Or find another 100 miler and go for another pr. Top of the list was maybe a 24 hour and go for the 100 pr and the 24 hr pr in the same race.
 But then after Wrightsville Beach Marathon in March things changed and  a plan started coming together. So here is what I have in mind.


 Originally this was to be a recovery month and start training for a fast Fall marathon. Of course at the time I had no idea I would be injured so this is now just a month of healing.


 Hopefully I can began training normally.


 Holden Beach Half Marathon

 Even without the injury this was the only event planned up to this point. Of course at the time I signed up I was expecting to be building on the great condition I was in during the Spring. Now I face the reality that I will be just getting back to normal training by then but if everything goes well I will give it a good run.


Columbus Marathon,

 And this one was meant to be a pr attempt or at least one last shot at a 3:40 before I officially age up. I don't think that will happen now but just maybe I can get back to Wrightsville Beach shape by then.


 I would have been returning to OBX  for a special anniversay run and celebration but circumstances have changed and I can't see myself returning there again.  But what this allows me to do is actually head into Derby the last week of the month fresher than I have been for many years and if the training does go well I hope to give the 50k pr or at least the race pr a go.


 Probably nothing but easy running and recovery and prepare to go into hard training by the first of 2016 for Boston.

 So there you have it. A lot less going on than in many many years but it reflects my focus of less quantity and more quality. At least for this year ;)

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