Monday, August 17, 2015

3 weeks after the comeback began and all is well !

 Things continue to go very well and even better than I could have imagined after 3 weeks. From  a 2 miler of 1 minute run walk intervals I am now running at my normal  easy training pace.

  I was able to run 6 days this week with a 2 mile walk on my rest day.  Two 6 milers and on Friday I went the longest distance so far at 8 miles and still no pain issues. and of course this is all in the miserable humid conditions of August in NC. I never expected to be this far along as I finished up with a 32 mile week !

 I am lookng forward to continuing to slowly build back up to  my normal 50 ish miles per week over the next few weeks and maybe, just maybe there is still a chance for a decent race sometime this Fall.

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