Monday, August 20, 2012

Beginning the Grand Experiment 2

 With a 24 hour race coming up in two weeks, it is probably not the best time to begin a  training plan for a Boston Qualifier but then that's kind of what the Grand Experiment 2 is about. I'm still working on the outline of the training program  but the details aren't that important right now. In general the idea is to get used to the faster training to come and build up the ability to hold marathon pr pace for longer periods so I started off last week with a short progression run building to MP PR pace the last two miles. Great workout but it definitely felt hard near the end. Those will get much longer as the schedule progresses.

 I got in  one nice run with Amy where we discussed the plan when she begins with it in Sept. I finished up the week with a good moderate distance long run with Karla and Lisa which was a strong negative split effort. I hope to get in one more strong week of this training in preparation for the harder work to come but then next week I guess I'll have to do a bit of a taper. all part of the Grand Experiment 2 !

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