Monday, June 04, 2007

Stranger to shoe stores

Seems everything you read , or hear about shoe life says to replace them every 300 to 400 miles to prevent injury. I used to believe it myself, but since I've been running ultra's and doubling my mileage from years ago, that seemed like a lot of shoes every year. Maybe running mostly on the trails and bridle paths of Umstead have helped but now I don't have any problem extending the life of my shoes.

From left to right- front row Asics 2100-815 miles, Ran Rocky Raccoon 100 with these after they had 700 miles, 2100-709 miles, 2100-839 miles. Just wore these last at Promise Land 50K.
Back row l to r. Asics 2110, 279 miles, 2110, 680 miles. Wore these at Capon Valley 50K last month. 2120- 125 miles. These are the newbies. I'll wear them at WSER. Not Pictured is another pair of 2110's with 674 miles I'll wear for tomorrow's workout. I still wear all of these in the rotation. I've been injury free except for a 2.5 week layoff with a swollen knee, unrelated to the shoes since I began running ultra's in 2002. You can't tell too much from the photo but if I put them in the washing machine they look almost new even after running some of the rockiest, rootiest trails in the east as well as at Leadville last year.
Obviously I am a big fan of the Asics 2000, 2100 series shoes. I've tried a couple of other shoes but haven't bought anything but these since 2001. If anyone every asked for advice about what shoes they should try my advice is, don't ask another runner. Everyone you ask will have a different answer and everyone has different needs in a shoe. Ask an expert. It may take a while but you will one day find the right shoe. Then my advice is stick with what works. I am amused with how much discussion about shoes is on the ultralist on a regular basis. Why ask a group of strangers over the internet about a shoe? Your going to get a dozen answers and none are probably right. For every person that loves a shoe, there is another person that hates it. Who do you believe? Use common sense.
One question I really get a laugh about is, I'm running such and such race. What shoe should I wear? My answer is always the same. Wear the shoe you normally do unless you are getting injured. If you are getting injured, try another shoe. Then stick with it. Common Sense.
It is also obvious I don't wear trail shoes. Why? I take my own advice. If the shoe is working why change? Not once in over 45 ultras run and 29 years of running on trails have I ever thought while I was running," Man I wish I was wearing a different shoe right now".


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Why do people buy new shoes after 200-300 miles. Mine don't feel broken in unless they have a few hundred on em.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and I've gone back and forth about whether to wear trail shoes or not, especially since I've been injured since introducing a new model of Montrails to my usual rotation. I'm sure it's just coincidental. (Could it be the rapid ramping up of miles to try and get ready for Promise Land? Nah!) Are you running WSER? I did not realize that! Best of luck and great job in your recent ultras.

runjoey said...

Thanks, and yes, I'm heading to WSER in two weeks.
I'll post a preview before I leave