Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday before the race

Lots of excitement in the air today. I was up early before the sun again but late for Eastern Time. After a couple of cups of coffee I ventured out to the Olympic Village for medical check-in and packet pick-up. I was surprised to find a long line already. I went through the line with Dave Yeakel and it took us about an hour. Barbara was inside volunteering with the medical team and she was actually the one to check my BP and pulse and put on my wrist-band. Everyone was in town by now and I was able to see lots of friends and aquaintences. Annette and Anne were being interviewed with the other elites for a video. Young fast and beautiful Krissy Moehl was working the Nathan booth at the expo. Saw Dave Bursler and Rick Palmer in line. Xy Weiss was coming out of her room as I was headed over to put out my drop bags. As expected she has the most fashionable drop bags, lavender leopard skin.
I rested in my room for a while and then it was time for the mandatory pre-race briefing. Barbara had not had a chance to eat all day and I had just had a cinnamon bun early so we were starving so when it looked like the meeting was about done we went over to Fireside Pizza in the Village. Probably the best pizza I have ever had. Sarah Lowell was there and will be crewing and pacing a friend and we had a nice chat for a while. After eating Barbara headed back to her room but I had too much energy and went for a walk. Ran into the Finkles who had just finished getting tested for the heart study so I walked with them to sit while they ate pizza.
After a nice time we went for another walk and bumped into Scott Ludwig from the Darkside Running Club outside Ben and Jerry's. I had met Scott a couple of years ago when I ran the 8 hour track run in Peachtree City GA. He was with the same group as Sarah.
After getting some Chunky Monkey I headed back here to the Lodge with the Finkles. While sitting here Dave and Rick came through and then Sean and Jack Andrish and Mike Weidemeyer from the VHTRC. This is just much too cool.
But, now I must go to bed. Looking for some big time fun in the morning. I want to RUN and JUMP and SEE BIG FIRES!!!!

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