Thursday, May 03, 2007

Relay for Life

This weekend the Eastern Wake version of The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life will be held at East Wake High School. For the 4th year in a row my church, Zebulon United Methodist will be sponsoring a team. In 2004 I was working with the Youth Group and we stayed at the track from midnight to 6am taking turns walking and I ran about 6 miles. In 2005 I decided to run the same 6 hours by myself and promised to cover 30 miles. I had just run the Massanutten 100 the week before and had a sprained ankle and was walking in a Frankenstein boot the week leading up to it. I went to the track thinking I might be able to walk a mile or two but after testing the foot out I just kept running and was able to complete the 30 miles in 5:56. Miracle do happen.
Last year the event took on a whole new meaning to me when my training partner Karla was diagnosed with Cancer. I couldn't be at the Relay because I was racing in WV but I used the race as on of my fundraising runs in her honor . Most of you reading this know the story but if you don't then you can click on this link for the Dreams Can Come True story. I am very happy to tell those of you that continue to ask about her that she is doing great. She is working out and running and hope to soon be back in pre-cancer shape.
Unfortunately cancer still is touching many lives right now. Just this week I had one friend have surgery for prostate cancer on Monday and another had skin cancer removed on Tuesday. I will be on the track tomorrow night running for an hour and then again Saturday am for another hour. If you are unable to participate in your local Relay for Life and would like to make a contribution, you can contact me at and I will give you my address. Checks should be made out to the American Cancer Society.

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