Thursday, May 03, 2007

Early Summer?

Whew, it's powerful warm out there this week. I met Jenn at Umstead Tuesday afternoon for a run on the bridle trails. With the temperature at 91F I think we were both satisfied to only go 7 miles. My quads were still quite sore from the pounding at Promise Land. The steep downhills , especially the last 2.6 coming down the gravel road back to the valley really beat me up.
Wednesday it had cooled down to only 88F but a bit more humid. I decided to do an easy 6 on the Company Mill Trail, my favorite single-track in the Park. The Umstead Park mascot, the big black annoying flies were in full force harassing me every step. Someone posted on the NCRC yahoo group asking advice on how to deal with them. I just run down the trail as fast as I can, cursing, yelling and flailing my arms around my head like a madman. It doesn't do anything for the flies but people give me plenty of room on the trail. Looking forward to a bit cooler and more normal temps the next week, although I do need the heat acclimation for this summers big one.

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La said...

I always think of those black flies and the yellow deer flies as little coaches urging us to speed up for a couple of laps. Looking forward to my speed workout at Umstead on Sunday! ;-)