Sunday, May 13, 2007

Capon Valley 2007

Ok , the report is now posted at NCULTRA.

And here are some photos I took. I wish I had felt better hanging around at the finish and gotten some more of my friends there. Here are Laura's Photos.

I arrived Friday evening about 7 and as soon as I stepped out of my car I saw Sue Norwood standing in the door of their camper. She invited me in and I spent the next hour enjoying conversation with her and husband Jim. Laura showed up and joined us until it was time to pick up our race packets. Laura soon left and I went to set up my tent before it got dark. I had it up quickly and walked over to visit with Jennifer Cochran from WV who was camping in the next tent over. Bill Potts was there to and the three of us had a nice time talking in the darkness until time for bed.
After the race I went and changed clothes and then joined Laura and friends for the delicious bbq chicken dinner. Had a great time with Brian McNeill, Quatro Hubbard, Stephanie Wilson, Farouk and Marianna among others. The only problem was I was having a lot of cramping. The worst I've ever had after a race. Quatro went and got me some S-Caps and while I massaged my left hamstring , Laura tried to work a knot out of my right calf. Eventually I figured I would feel better if I walked around and stretched out a little. I went and packed up my tent and then sat around some more outside with Laura and Quatro until time to leave. Overall it was a great weekend even with the slow race and the post-race cramps.

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