Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mt. Mitchell Challenge-Preview

What a lovely view from atop Mt. Mitchell, the tallest peak east of the Rockies. That's where I'll be heading for the weekend to run in the 40 mile Challenge. The first Black Mountain Marathon was held in 1998. In 1999, the Challenge was added with 44 finishers making the extended trek to the summit. Perhaps the biggest part of the challenge is dealing with the elements that can be so unpredictable in mid February. Just last weekend a windchill of -39F was recorded on top. I am very happy to see that this weekend should be much warmer although weather conditions can change quickly. There are aid stations about every 5 miles but there is no crew access or drop bags allowed so a runner must carry everything that might be required for the conditions. This will be my first time running the event. I had planned to run last year but found the event had already filled to it's limit. The race filled very quickly again this year and has 149 confirmed entries. You can check out the race website here.


Unknown said...

Doing the challenge for the first time too. I am hoping for good weather. Coming from Chicago 40 degrees would be a heat wave! Good luck and I hope to see you there. Gary T.

runjoey said...

Thanks Gary but the preview was for the 2007 race. I won't be running it this year but it is a great event. Also note that the temperature I quoted was minus 39 degree windchill. fortunately we did get the great weather last year.