Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Umstead and Boston plus training and tapering.

Last week was a very busy one with lots of work and my Dad in the hospital most of it but somehow I was able to get things done and get in some fun and some good training.

 I managed two bikram yoga classes, 2 body weight sessions, one weight workout at the gym and 36.4 miles of running in 5 days.

 Over the weekend I was able to get to Umstead to volunteer for the 100 miler. This is such a wonderful event and I look forward to being involved each year whether it is racing or just helping out. My first time helping was in 1998. I didn't return until  I ran it for the first time in 2004 and since then I have been back every year. Its much like a reunion with friends I have met from around the country as well as so many local friends.

  This year I helped Friday in registration, Saturday morning at the aid station two and then returned on Sunday am for a 4:30 to 8:30 shift in timing. I love the variety of opportunities to be a part of it. I really needed to be there this year especially for my soul and I was rewarded and refreshed although there was still a sense of sadness for a couple of reasons.

  After my morning shift I went out for a hilly training lap of the course. It was a gorgeous day, around 50F and sunny and calm. My confidence is still a bit low and I almost bailed and avoided Turkey Creek and make it a shorter run  but I'm glad I didn't. Instead I chose to run the lap in reverse which would give me a chance to see all the runners still out on their last lap and cheer them on while I got in my workout.

  It was great ! I saw quite a few friends out there, got several hugs and I felt great ! What Hills !
 definitely a great run, a lot of fun and a confidence boost going into Boston.

 Yeah, Boston. Only two weeks to go. I wish I had at least 6 weeks so I could be closer to the shape I was in Decmeber but I have to face the reality. So I will do the best with what I have and just try to not do anything stupid. As far as tapering goes, I can't taper much with my training still lower than normal so I am just going to keep doing what I have been doing to maintain my current condition.

 Stay tuned to see what happens next week !

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