Sunday, April 24, 2016

A bit of recovery from Boston and on to new adventures.

Most weeks don't start off with a race, but then Boston is a bit special !  I have been able to recover quickly from my marathons and ultras for many years now but I was even surprised at finding I had practically zero soreness after the race and some lingering pains actually have improved ! Even so, I am being a bit more cautious these days so I waited a full three days off before trying to run.

 Tuesday I did nothing but walk around Boston for a couple of miles like I had done nothing. Even stairs were no problem !

 Wednesday was mostly an easy day with a body weight workout.

 Thursday I was back to Yoga. I was expecting a bit of a struggle with it but had a great class.

 Friday started with weights at the gym and then on the way home I was eager to get in a run. I was expecting a slow dead legged 4 miles but I felt amazing. No soreness and I had zip so I went 6 and the pace was as strong as my normal  everyday runs. And it was fun running in a thunderstorm !

 Saturday Was another Bikram class with Laura. I struggled a bit with a bit of lingering fatigue and a bit dehydrated but had some good stuff happen too. Later in the afternoon I stopped at aUmstead for some single track. Other than the 16 miles of limping at Western States last June I haven;t been on a trail since last April !  It was a bit tough but I took it easy just wanting to get used to dodging rocks and roots again which brings us to the new adventures mentioned in the title. I am racing The Medoc Spring Race coming up in 2 weeks. I'll give more info about that as we get closer.

 I finished up the week with an easy 6 miles at home and another weight session at the gym.

 So I actually had 44.2 miles for the week but that includes the 26.2 on Monday .  And included 2 Bikram yoga classes, 2 weights sessions and one body weight day.

 Hope to get in some good training in the week ahead but I will take it day by day and I already plan to start next week with a day off of running. Stay tuned !

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