Sunday, April 10, 2016

The hay is in the barn for Boston and other cliches.( Training update w/e 4-10-16)

 Yep, only a week and a day until the Boston Marathon. At this point there is not really anything I can do to get in any better shape so I intend to be a bit cautious the next week. But hopefully I can get up a blog post just for Boston next week. Until then , here is whats up.

 After a really good week of training and fun at Umstead last weekend I started off this week with a nice 5 miler and  I did make it to the gym for some weights.

 Tuesday was a morning yoga workout. I had planned about 8 miles late afternoon but got called into work so I was rushed for time. Went out for a quick 4 but was shocked at how fast those 4 turned out to be. Averaged 7:47 with the last 2 at 7:30. I haven't run anything close to that fast since my last run with Laura in December before having to take off nearly all of Jan. I really didn't think I could even come close to that pace ! Yes, a big boost in confidence there.

  Wednesday was a very busy day so no run but I  started off with early morning weights.

 Thursday was another morning yoga class and then in the afternoon on a beautiful but windy day I got in that 8 miler I missed Tuesday. Nice strong pace again.

 I started Friday off with a body weight workout at home and then got in a strong 6 miler on the way home from work.

 Saturday morning I had another great Bikram yoga class with Laura before heading to work. I had time to run afterwards but i was tired and the wind was blowing 35 mph so I just went home. Wimped out? Maybe but hey, I am sort of tapering you know !

 And if you are wondering, I am doing rabbit pose under there.  Laura was wondering if there would be enough room but with her incredible flexibility and height in that wheel pose it was no problem at all.  Rabbit is one of the few I can do halfway decent. Here is what it looks like.

 So Sunday morning I got in my last 12 mile sort of long run and then did a 30 minute evening core session with a little bit of yoga stretching.

 So ther you have it. another good week. 3 Bikram yoga classes, 2 weights, one body weight and one core and 35 weekly miles. The most awesone thing about those 35 miles is the fact that the slowest average for any of the runs was 8:51 for the 8 miler. Other than the tempo run the other miles were all around 8:45 which somehow over the past year has become my new normal.

 Check back in a few days for hopefully a Boston preview.

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