Monday, September 07, 2015

6 weeks and it keeps getting awesomer. ( is that a word lol !? )

 Yes, here I am 6 weeks out and things really are going much better than expected. I got in 40 miles this week, the most so far and everything feels good.

  I met Laura again for another version of Fun Fridays and we did a little re-introduction to speed. After a warmup we did 3 minutes on at about my previous 5k pace with one minute recoveries. Despite the horrod humid conditions it went very well and I was a bit surprised at the pace. But I was suffering on the last one.! Still very happy with the first one back.

 I will be cutting back and tapering a bit this week .
 Here is something i posted on Facebook this week that is a good sign that things are looking good entering the cooler air and Fall racing season.

"8:45 is the new 9 : 15 pace. Again.
For some reason, last winter the pace for my normal easy runs became about 30 seconds per mile faster than in the previous 10 years or so. How did this happen considering my mileage had been fairly consistent for the previous 10 years?
Well, I have a few theories.
For one thing I was no longer running with slower training partners. I had trained my body to run with an unnatural stride length to adjust to the slower pace.
Secondly, I began running weekly with the Honey Badger who is definitely much faster than me.
Thirdly, I began getting treatment at ‪#‎stinermassage‬ . We have been working on imbalances, posture and correcting some issues with my form, mainly with trunk rotation. And I was very tight in the hip flexor before.
So now just 6 weeks back running and although my fitness and endurance aren't quite back to prior to the injury my easy pace is already back and that is with the awful humidity we are having.
So, I am happy and confident that once we get into the Fall, some good things are coming!"

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