Sunday, July 20, 2014

Training update 7-20-14 and whats coming !

Well, in a way there wasn't all that much training the past two weeks since two weeks ago was mostly a mini taper for Grandfather Mountain Marathon and this past week was a recovery week.

 I did have  a nice 4 mile tempo run the week before and some nice miles with Karla. But overall  I cut back on the mileage and no doubles. And of course I guess you could say all running is training for something and I believe the marathon and then the hill climb to Fire Tower will both make me stronger for whats coming.

 This past week I took two days rest on Monday and Tuesday although I did do short versions of my cross-training. Wednesday was in one way the very best run I have had in 6 months. Yes, it was a strong 6 miler on a hilly course on what should have been an easy day but this one was more for the heart and soul than the body. It was totally unexpected but I am so thankful for it :)

 Finished up the week with a few more easy runs and had a wonderful 12 miler on Saturday with Karla and Laura.

 And now with Grandfather behind me it is time to get serious about the next big thing which will be my Boston qualifying attempt at The Erie Marathon at Presque Isle on Sept. 14th. I have 8 weeks to go so I just have to hope that all the miles this Spring and Summer so far have me with a strong enough base. More details to come but for now it's a week to ease into the speedwork and a 5 k next weekend, then  5 weeks of speedwork and marathon pace running and a two week taper.

 Stay tuned


Reese said...

Good luck on your BQ attempt.

The Fan said...

Results of 5K?

runjoey said...

injured hamstring the tuesday before the race. Not looking good for the BQ attempt right now