Thursday, July 10, 2014

Grandfather Mountain Marathon Preview Part 2. The plan

I'm feeling pretty excited for this years race. OK, I still get excited for most races so that's nothing new. I always look forward to a good time and making memories even when I'm not in shape and fortunately this year I am in good shape and hope to put that to the test this weekend.

  This was not originally planned to be a fast attempt although I had hoped that someday I might have one shot at finally getting that sub 4 hour on the course with no detours and it looks like things have come together this year to make it happen. I have had a pretty heavy training load all Spring and got right back into the training just a week after Boogie and I have had some really good quality runs so it was easy to make the decision to go for it even though my training has been geared toward Sept.

 So with that, I plan to go out at an easy pace and hit the first climb just past the 2 mile mark and see how I feel and if I do  and I expect I will feel good then it is on !

 So wish me luck. See you at MacRae Meadows in less than 4 hours or bust !

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