Friday, May 10, 2013

Nightmare On The Neuse 100

    The C&O 100 doesn't deserve a report and I really don't want to talk about it other than to say I was really frustrated to be in great shape on a day of perfect weather and have things turn out the way they did. 
so a couple of days later I began to look for another 100 miler that I could go to to take advantage of my training and have a legitimate shot at the pr. Really nothing out there and the only things later this year would conflict with my other plans. I didn't want to have to wait another year to give it a shot in the early Spring again so I decided to create my own event, below is what I posted on Facebook

Join Ultraman Joey as he attempts to run a 100 mile pr.

Course Details : 10 x 10mile out and backs on the Sam's Branch and Neuse River Greenways. 100% smooth asphalt surface. The course starts with a slight gradual downgrade to the river to the 1.2 mile point. From there it is flat with just two small hills. One is the ramp up the bridge over the river near the 2/8 mile points and another small hill at about the 2.5/7.5 mile points

Aid: None unless you bring your own. Don't expect anything from me since I'm running and no plans to stop. I plan to use my car for my aid at the end of each lap.

Crews: Are welcome. Besides the S/F there is easy access at about the 2.2/7.8 mile mile from Covered Bridge Road and several more from the Riverwood Subdivision. Google it. I'm not doing all the work for you.



Because I couldn't find a real race anytime soon to go for the attempt while I am in shape to do it and didn't want to wait another year or screw up the rest of my plans later this year.

Why a 2pm Friday start?

Because that' when I want to. And it will give me all weekend to rest. And it will avoid more runnnig in the warmest part of the day although it will probably rain all day anyway.

Will I need a light?

A. How well do you see in the dark?
B. Are you afraid of stepping on snakes?

Are there snakes?

Yes, I see one nearly every time I run here in warm weather including today. Most in one day so far was 4 on a long run.

What kind?

Copperheads, Brown Water Snakes, Black Snakes, King Snakes and Worm Snakes and Garter Snakes have all been seen.

Will there be awards?

Yes, Unique Handmade awards to all finishers.

Are there intermediate distances?

Not really. I'm going for a pr and anything less will be a dnf. However it is a FA so you can go as far as you want and count it anyway you like. If you want to stop at 100k all you have to do is 6 laps and then run down to the river and back one more time. Awards only go to 100 mile finishers.

Are pacers allowed ?

Of course not, but you can have anyone run with you for as far as you like at anytime from the beginning to end. I hope to have some Angels along for at least part of the run.

Is there a cutoff time?

 No, you can run all weekend if you want to. Just don't expect me to hang around too long after I get my pr.

Is there a waiver?

No it's a FA ! And besides if you wanted to sue me all you would get is disappointed. Put my net worth in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up the fastest.

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