Friday, May 31, 2013

What? Another 5 k Already ?

 Yeah, I know. After not running a 5k for over two years, I am racing another one less than 2 months since the one in April. That last one went very well, even exceeding my hopes and expectations with my  21:24 being my fastest 5k  since 2006 and about the 2nd fastest since my 30's. What was really great about that is that I had not done any 5 k training, I had just gotten in such good shape in the past year with good consistent mileage and all the marathon training and cross-training.

  So , why another one now? Well, after doing so well that day on a course with a nasty hill in the first mile, I have been wondering what I could do on a really flat fast course. The hard part has been trying to find one to do  that fit the bill and I could squeeze into my schedule. I do have a tough mountain 100 miler coming up in two weeks out in Wyoming. Since that 5k in April I haven't done any  real speed work but I have done two fast 50 milers, the last one just 3 weeks ago.

  The only thing I have done resembling speed work was two marathon pace type workouts with Amy  the past two weeks, not even close to 5k pace. But I did do a workout this past Monday that I like to do in the week before a race that lets the body know what it's about to be in for and wake up the few fast twitch fibers I have in my legs. The workout consist of 1 mile at 5k goal pace, 1/2 mile at mile race pace and then 2 x 1/4 mile pretty much all out or at least all I have left in me. Each of these repeats has a 1/4 mile recovery run in between so I am always moving.

 Before the April race I ran 6:58, 3:17, 1:33 and 1:34  and was really happy with it. This week I ran 6:47, 3:12, 1:32 and 1:32 !  Sweet !

  So what is the goal. Primary goal is to beat the 21:11   I ran in 2006. Fantasy goal is to go under 21:00.

 Here is the race website.

MyPrediction ? I think Clubber Lang said it best.


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Dawn White said...

Good for you! Now...since you are coming back to shorter distances (haha) you gotta run my 5k next March!! I will put you down as a maybe...