Wednesday, May 04, 2011

New River Marathon Preview

I'm looking forward to running the inaugural New River Marathon in Brownwood NC this Saturday, May 7th. In case you have never heard of Brownwoood , it doesn't have a zip code but is close to Todd NC or just a little North of Boone in Ashe County.

My main reason for signing up was for some fun and training. I'm not really looking to run a fast time this soon after Boston and Promise Land but with the 100 miler coming up this summer I was looking to run some distance and I would rather do it in races rather than long solo training runs. I was hoping I would be able to run it with The Marathon Princess since we haven't run a marathon together since last July at GMM but with her foot injury over the Winter she doesn't feel like it's in her best interest to run another one so soon after Boston.

Lisa "Mountain Girl" Howell will be making the trip. She was raised in Ashe County and her Mom still lives there and hopefully will be able to see Lisa finish.

The race is in a beautiful area and I hope to get some good pictures but that depends on how the race is going. My plan is to go out easy and see how the body responds. If it feels good I'll pick it up and run a decent time but no PR attempt I promise ! Otherwise I'll just enjoy the scenery while getting in a good workout.

here is a link to the race website

Stay tuned for the results !

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Brad said...

Hey, Joey -- keep an eye out for Chad up there; he will be running the half. I really like the quilt logo of the race and wanted to do the half, but I procrastinated too long and it filled up. I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about it from you and Chad!