Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Return of Ultraman

The time has come for me to get serious about my ultrarunning once again. Well, not so serious that I can't continue to keep it fun as the top priority but it is time to focus on the long distances again.

After a great 2007, I went into 2008 struggling with nagging pain. I had a decent race at the Frosty 50k in Jan but over the next few months I was not able to train like I wanted. This lack of training was a big factor with my DNF at Umstead after 69.4 miles and I was burned out mentally as well as physically. there was more frustration when I had to drop at just 10 miles at the Boogie because my legs and butt were in so much pain. I tried to run Mt Masochist with Jenn in November even though I knew I wasn't prepared and dropped out at 33 miles. Running very slow and easy I was able to get only my 2nd ultra finish of the year at the Derby 50k and then I quit running completely for the next 5 weeks to allow some healing. This was after having completed 10-12 ultras' a year for the past several years.

2009 was a re-building year and the only ultra I ran was the Derby 50k again in Nov.

In 2010 I focused on the marathon and qualifying for Boston but I did begin the year with a 50k pr at Frosty Fifty thanks to the marathon training. After getting my qualifier in March I was able to run a few more for fun while still focusing on Boston training. I had one 50 miler at a miserably hot Boogie which tested my will to go long again and then I had two more 50k's at New River and Derby.

Now that Boston is behind me I am eager to get back to training for the long stuff and particularly getting back to doing some 100 milers. If you've been keeping up then you know I kick started my ultra training with the Promise Land 50k 5 days after Boston and then used the New River Marathon as further training. Unlike in the past though, I am planning to do some different things in my training than just running more events. More on training specifics and goals later.

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