Saturday, September 06, 2008

NCRC August Umstead Series 2008

What a difference a year can make. Let's face it, it's always hot in August but last year was a bit ridiculous with record highs and an average 5 degrees above normal for the month. With the heat index over 100 the 2nd week some were even suggesting canceling but the show went on and was well attended. So this year? We couldn't even have a day in the 90's. I had to apologize to those looking for extreme conditions because it was almost comfortable out there.

2008 was well attended with an average turnout of 53 making it once again the oldest and most popular of the NCRC Social runs. As always there were some people out for a hard workout, some for a slow run and everything in between. The only competition is for the prestigious Ultraman Joey Award each week. This years winners were Kevin Miles, Paul Minor, Angela Candies and Mark Davis.

We were once again sponsored by our friends at Inside Out Sports in Cary and one lucky winner each week won a $100 gift card for a pair of shoes in a random drawing.

Thanks also to my wonderful volunteers and to the staff of William B. Umstead State Park for allowing us to use the park trails again.

Here are a few photos I took.

and here are some Ben Dillon took on the course.

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