Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another "Miles stone" quietly passed

Here I am in 1978 doing my best "PRE" imitation. I think I weighed about 132 lbs here. Anyway, as you may know from reading this blog, I started running 31 years ago. Well a couple of weeks ago, almost exactly 30 years after this photo was taken , I ran my 30,000th mile. Although I got hooked on the racing bug in 1978 I was never really a high mileage runner. A combination of factors kept the mileage down including long hours at work, my first son was born about 3 months after this picture and a few beginner injuries kept my average weekly miles around 35 a week for most of the late 70's and early 80's. During the mid 90's I was hardly running and only recorded about 2 to 300 miles a year until after my torn acl in 1998 and I began my comeback. Amazingly over a 3rd of my mileage has come after I began ultrarunning in 2002 . At the beginning of 2003 I had only run about 19,500 miles.
How long will it take to get the next 30,000?


Rick Gray said...

Joey, Congratulations. I like you have been running for many years, but I go all the way back to 1972. I do not know how many miles I have put in, but I am sure it is not 30k. To the next 30,000 miles. Rick

runjoey said...

Thanks Rick. You must have started when you were in kindergarten. Hope to see you and Tammy at MMTR

Rick Gray said...

Joey, Not quite kindergarden, but 7th grade. We will see you at MMTR. Again, congratulations and what a milestone. Rick