Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello Ultra Friends

It's been a strange year for me so far. Over the past several years I would have already completed 8 or 9 ultra's by this time of year but so far I have only finished one and that was the Frosty 50K way back in January. I dropped out of the only other two I started, Umstead at 69 miles and The Boogie at 10 with the leg and butt pain. I really miss the ultra's, the trails but mostly I miss seeing all of you. As you know it is a special atmosphere at an ultra and most of the people are very special.

I am enjoying the Triathlons and cross-training very much although it is different. The best part about it is several of my really closest , true friends are currently participating in in the Tris and cross-training too. Margo and Bill, Frank and Karla, Jerry and Thomas and even Jenn is getting in on the excitement. Thomas just completed his 2nd Ironman in Louisville a couple of weeks ago. Jerry and Margo are training for the Iron Distance Beach to Battleship in Wilmington this November and Jenn is now looking forward to going for an International distance race next year. And of course I will be training for the next 9 months to get ready for Ironman Cour D' Alene.

Tomorrow (9-14-08), I am doing the Duke Liver Center Half-Ironman at Jordan Lake and maybe doing one more sprint that is less than 10 miles from home on Oct. 4th. After this weekend I plan to try and increase the running mileage and get back on the trails. Although I'm still not 100% my running is improving and I ca fianlly run without pain on most days. I look forward to the cooler weather and preparing for Mountain Masochist and my return to Ultras. Of course after that I will still have to cut back on the ultras until after next June but I do hope to run a few 50K's in between.

Look for a report on the Half-Ironman soon.


Anonymous said...

Joey -
Yeah, we miss seeing you around! Are you coming out to trot for awhile at Hinson Lake?
Been reading your BLOG and it's sparking some tri interest....I'm just skittish about the swim.
Take care -
Tom H.

runjoey said...

I had planned to come to HL and volunteer and run some miles but I'm going to have to work Saturday and Sunday so I'm afraid I'll miss out on all the fun this year.

Everyone that doesn't come from a swimming background worries about the swim. There are lots of good beginner sprint distance races you can try with pool swims or short lake swims. You should give a shot sometime. They are a nice diversion and are great for keeping in shape when you can't run as much as you would like.

Bedrock said...


Glad you are doing well and enjoying the tris. Good luck on the training for Masochist. Unfortunately, I will miss the race this year. With small kids, Halloween weekend is still kind of a big deal. Hope to see you soon.

runjoey said...

Sorry you will miss MMTR this year. I remember that is where we met a few years ago. You could promise to carry the kids goody bags and trick or treat at the aid stations. Two years ago I ran the race on the hershey bars and twinkies