Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heading to Fargo with Margo

The Fargo Marathon wasn't even on my radar until earlier in the year when my good friend Margherita asked for somebody to go with her. She is doing the 50 States and DC and needed North Dakota and this looked like a good option. That's her in the picture before this years Umstead Trail Marathon.
I had been wanting to try and go to another marathon with her for a while now but our schedules never seemed to match. other than running at Umstead the past two years, the last time she was able to make a trip with me and the usual crowd was back in Nov. 2005 when she was helping to support me in my Boston Qualifying attempt at the Richmond Marathon. I failed but in the process she ran a PR. So after looking over my schedule I decided to skip a couple of ultra's this Spring and plan to go to Fargo. I've never been to North Dakota either so it should be a good trip. Look for a report when we get back.

Here is a link to the race website

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Unknown said...

Ran across your blog and just thought I'd drop a note - hope you and Margo have a great time in Fargo. The weather is (finally) going to be nice for the race there and the organizers do a terrific job. It's a first-class event and hopefully you'll be raving about the marathon to your friends. Overall, the event has been extremely fast growing, from 2400 in the first event in 2005 to an expected 13,000 this year. Just be sure to show up at the Fargodome early on Saturday morning because it will take some time to find parking. The spectators are terrific and there will be lots of entertainment on the course, so have a great time.