Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Looking ahead in 2008

Happy New Year friends, family and anonymous readers. Once again I'm planning a big year so here is what's in the plan for 2008

Start off the year with a 50K PR attempt at the Salem Lakeshore Frosty 50K.

Travel down to the Tybee Island Marathon for an attempt at qualifying for Boston and a marathon PR.

Mostly training and a repeat at the Umstead Trail Marathon.

100 mile Pr attempt at the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Start the month with a fun weekend at the White Lake Triathlon with a group of friends. This will be my first Tri in almost 3 years. Not planning on becoming a triathlete again but will just do the sprint distance for fun. ( See note at end of post)
I may return to Capon Valley 50K again but not sure at this point.

I will travel to South Dakota for a weeks vacation and run the Swan Lake Marathon with Karla in her hometown. Then come home and run the Boogie 50 miler.

Grandfather Mt. Marathon and probably Catherine's FA 50K again

Travel out to Washington State for a vacation and run the Cascade Crest 100 if I can get in it.

Sept. Hmmm, haven't really decided yet.( Trying the Wasatch 100 lottery. If I get in , cancel the CCC in Aug.)

Depends on if I get my Boston qualifier at Tybee in Feb. If I don't then I will try another marathon this month, probably at Baltimore. If I do then I will most likely run the Grindstone 100.

Mt Masochist 50mile +. Then probably run OBX Marathon with Karla again. Finish up the month with my 5th Derby 50K so I can get my veterans vest.

Rest and Training

Already some changes in plan. I didn't get into White Lake Tri. I'm not sure if I will try to enter any others. Just have to see if I can squeeze one in. I also decided at the last minute to enter the lottery for Wasatch 100. I'll know by early Feb. if I get in. If so, then I'll skip Cascade Crest this year.

Well, that's the plan. I look forward to seeing many of you at a lot of these events and on the roads and trails training.

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Bedrock said...

Good luck this year. In addition to CC, I am planning on doing Grandfather and Catherine's.