Monday, September 03, 2007


I've always looked forward to September since I began running. Of course as a child, September was always dreaded because it meant returning to school, but as an adult runner, I quickly learned to appreciate the coming of cooler weather. Already the mornings are feeling better and my run this afternoon was only in the low 80's. August 2007 was officially the hottest month in the Triangle area since records have been kept. The average daily temp was over 84F and there were 30 days out of 31 that went over 90 with several over 100. No wonder my running was such a struggle lately.

August was still a great month in many ways although I didn't compete in any races. I did get in some good mileage and workouts. It was especially nice to be able to do several long runs with Karla again. I had missed running with her so much during her treatment and recovery. Also have been able to do several others with Jenn and look forward to many more. And although I didn't run any of the August series, it was fun directing them and holding the special Ultraman Joey contest each week.

This weekend I will be heading up to Danville Virginia for a half-marathon. I had not planned on doing it but I will not be able to run the Blue Ridge Relay as planned earlier so I was looking for another option and this seeemed to be a good choice. It will give me a chance to see how my progress toward a Boston qualifier this Fall is going. It looks like The Trail Angel and Katie will be running also and maybe some other Raleigh area runners. Look for a report after the weekend.

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