Monday, September 24, 2007

Autumn 2007

Well the calender says it's Autumn anyway, but with the high humidity and 90 degree temps, yesterday didn't feel like the Fall. Not too much going on since the half-marathon. My training has been going well. The best thing is that I have been able to run several long runs on Saturday with Karla. She is getting stronger all the time now and it's so wonderful to be able to train together again. After running alone for so many years I had gotten used to having her along for company. I also have a pretty regular run on Thursday's or Friday's with the lovely Jenn. What a lucky guy I am!
The NCRC has been having a series of runs on Thursdays along the Greenway in Raleigh behind the Carolina Ale House on Creekside Dr in Raleigh. I'm not in charge of those but Olga and Josh are doing a fine job of hosting the runs. It is a pretty section of the Greenway along Crabtree Creek.
I started working 10-12 hours a week at The Athlete's Foot store in Cameron Village two weeks ago to fill some idle hours. Even Ultraman can't run all the time. I'm enjoying working with the customers, talking running and shoes, and the young NC State students that I work with are a nice group and a credit to their generation.
Training overall is going well but I've been dealing with some PF since early August. I'm treating it more aggressively now that I know what it is and hopefully it will be better soon. I've been tapering for Hinson Lake since an 18 miler last weekend with Karla. Frank joined us for 12 miles and a friend of theirs, Eric ran 16 with us.
Well, enough rambling for now. Check in a few days for a Hinson preview

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