Monday, July 16, 2007

Latest #1 Hit Single

Yes music fans, the latest, long awaited smash hit from the not nearly famous kitchen studio of Ultraman Joey has finally been released. Well, no it's not Hellgate. I promise I'll get around to recording it soon but the studio is temporarily closed. No, this latest hit is called "I'm an Ironman". A friend, Thomas Asta was about to compete in his first Ironman Triathlon back in April. I was inspired to write a song and entertain the guest at a dinner party to send him off at the Scott home.
The party was on a Friday and the song came to me while working on Thursday. I sat in my car and wrote the song in about 30 minutes while the idea was still fresh in my mind. I came home and started working on the music and recorded most of it. I got home early Friday and was trying to finish it but was having some technical difficulties. I ended up having to re-record nearly all of it and then when I tried to burn it to a CD to take to the party, I couldn't get the MP3 encoder to work. After an hour of frustration I gave up and took the recorder and amplifier to the party so I could at least play it for them.
The song starts out with an intro about 18 seconds that rips off the Black Sabbath song Ironman but then breaks into a straight up basic rock n roll riff. The song was intended to take a humorous look at Triathlons and some of my own experience at shorter Tri's. I did one Half-Ironman and that convinced me I didn't really want to be an Ironman. Listen to the song and I think you can figure out why.
You can download the song as well as my other 3 hits from the North Carolina Roadrunners Club Website. Just go to the main page and look down the page and you will see a picture of me and a heading, Joey Anderson's greatest hits. If you have visited the page before you may need to clear your browser's cache for the new song to show up.

Rock on !

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