Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another Hobby

Hi Friends and family and strangers in blogland. I would like to mention one of my other hobbies. I have had a lifelong interest and love of trains, both real and models. I am now finally beginning construction of a model railroad I am calling the Smoky Mountain & Southern Railroad. A totally fictitious line, but hopefully I can evoke the feel and spirit of the Southern Railway's MurphyBranch through the Smoky Mt. region of NC in the 40' and 50's. I hope to recreate a few scenes of childhood memories of vacations to the region. I have started a new blog which you can link to here, where I will explain more and also document the construction of the SM&SRR. There is also a link in the sidebar if you want to check in periodically. The focus of Runjoey will still be running but occasionly I may post updates or other things of interest to me.

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