Friday, March 02, 2018

Birmingham Wine 10k preview. Or going to regain my lead !

 Well, I hadn't originally planned on running this race. I had taken advantage of early bird pricing for the Myrtle Beach  Half which had been a part of the Running Journal series for the poast 10 years but when the schedule was released last June, MB was no longer in the series and this race had taken it's spot on the calendar. I still wasn't going to run here thinking I would not need the points but that was before the debacle at the Rocket City Marathon. Going into that race I had a solid lead but I went to it woefully unprepared for the marathon  distance and was totally skunked , no points. Meanwhile the winner got the double bonus points and I now find myself 10 points out of first place. If I had only finished 8th I would still be in the lead. Grrrr.
  So it was a necessary but not an easy decision to skip MB and head back to Alabama once again to try and make up the  points deficit. I'm feeling good  and the training has been going well so I am feeling confident in making the podium once again. The weather is looking great for the 8am Saturday morning start. 45F and fairly calm and it should be a fairly fast course.

Here is the race website

 Wish me luck and stay tuned for the exciting report to come. 

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