Sunday, September 03, 2017

time to really get serious. training update 9/3/07

 The past week has been mainly recovery and as they tend to go, some days I feel tired and others a spark is there. Over all not  big week, Got in 25 miles,  4 Bikram hot yoga classes and 7 days of yin yoga ! Plus one core workout.

 Coming up , as I have posted before, my main focus are on the races in the RJ Grand Prix Series and the next one up will be a half marathon in 6 weeks. And its just 14 weeks out from the only marathon in the series. It's an improtant one and earns double points so I want to do well and get a Boston Qualifier at the same time. So, that means I have got to get busy getting in some long runs. That should began to get a little easier once the humidity goes away with cooler weather. Although it was only 68F when I ran this morning the humidity was still around 82% making breathing still a problem and when I quit at mile 8 I was drenched. But it will get better !

 So stay tuned to see how it goes.

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