Sunday, July 17, 2016

Track Mile and a training update W/E 7-17-16

 Still having fun training and racing in the summer. I'm not piling up the miles in the heat as in years past but thats ok because I'm enjoying what I am doing now and things continue to go well.

 I began the week with easy 4 miles and then got in a Hot Yoga class and finished up the day with the Tibetans Rites and body weight routine.


 Got in a very slow humid 6 miles at home and tried to rest as much as possible while getting work done.


 In the morning I got in a short weight workout. I didn't want to do too much with the track meet in the evening. The race went pretty well. It was hot but I still ran well, with better pacing. Just missed beating my time from two weeks ago by 2 seconds even with the heat and a congested last lap where I had to weave around at least 20 lapped runners. 6:37. If things go as planned I will have one more race to try and get the 6:30 I want.


I got in a great yoga class with some nice improvements and then decided to run on the way home from work in the afternoon. It was a hot one, 96F but I felt ok and ran a decent 4 miles.


No time for much of anything but I was able to do the tibetans during a slowdown at work.


 Finally able to get in a yoga workout with Laura. We had fun as usual slinging sweat. I went for an easy muggy 4 miles before heading in to work.


 Finished the week strong with another yoga class with Laura, free weights at the gym and then tibetans at home after work.

 So that was 21 miles for the week, four  Bikram Yoga classes, two weight sessions at the gym, 3 days of tibetans and one body weight day.

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