Monday, July 11, 2016

It's been two weeks so time for another training update

 Week Ending 7-2-16

 Started off this week with another rest day mainly because i was planning to race on the track on Tuesday.

Tuesday I rested as much as possible and then ran the track race which I reported on this blog.

 Wednesday morning I got in a good 5 miles at home and then did the Tibetan Rites after work.

 Thursday was a good day. Another good 5 miles at home and then finally made it back to Yoga. then after work I did the Tibetans and added in my body weight stuff which I have not been doing enough of the past few weeks.

 Friday I went for a 10 miler but it was so muggy and I never felt very good. Feeling the heat and just worn  down. did my Tibetans after work again.

 Saturday I was able to share a good Yoga class with Laura and then Tibetans again in the evening.

 Sunday I was happy to have another great Yoga class with laura and then afterwards i went for an easy slow hot and humid 4 miles. more tibetans in the evening.

 So I ended up with just 26 miles for the week but mostly good stuff with the race.  got the tibetans done 5 days,  3 bikram Yoga classes and 1 body weight session.

 Week Ending 7-10-16

 Started off the week with a god run at home. Great to finally feel good after several yucky runs. Even did some strides. did the tibetans and body weight after work.

 Tuesday morning I had a good 4 miles at home and then had a good yoga class. After work i did the Tibetans and banged away on the  boxing bags. It was great to finally get back into that.

 Wednesday morning was track day. already upper70's sunny and near 100% humid but i was able to get in a great workout matching my splits form previous track days despite the conditions. A good confidence boost. In the evening was more body Weight and Tibetans.

 Thursday  I got in a good yoga class and had fun with Laura.  easy day at work so i came home and did the Tibetans and more boxing. Then I joined n for the first time in over a year with the NCRC social. Got in a good 3 miles with Mike Walsh.

 Friday I planned on running 10 but felt blah and shut it down after 7. Decided I didn;t feel like doing anything else but restiing after work.

 Saturday I took a rest day from running but got in a good body weight, tibetans and boxing workout in the afternoon.

 Sunday I made it back to Yoga and then got in a good 4 miler in the heat after work. Mostly easy but decided to test myself on a segement Laura created for us when we first began to run together. I hadn't tried to go fast  on it since last December with her so I was very happy to beat my best by 6 seconds in the heat.

 Ended up with 29 miles for the week plus  5 days of tibetans, 3 body weight and  3 boxing.

 I mustsay  am pretty happy with the way things are going right now and glad to be getting back some consistency with the body weight stuff 

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